Santoon Fabric

Santoon Fabric

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What is Santoon Fabric?

  • Santoonis a polyester fabric.
  • It is a sort of silk fabric from Shandong province that has a long history of use. Similar to Dupioni, but thinner and less erratic in appearance.


  • There is some debate as to whether or not the word "shantung" was given to this fabric by the Chinese or Western civilizations. 
  • Shantung's exotic appeal is due to its origins in southern China, where the bulk of silk manufacturing occurs.
Santoon Fabric

What makes it stand out?


It has good elasticity, wrinkle resistance, and durability.


Such fabrics dry quickly and are easy to wash and wear.


Santon has a smooth surface as well as it drapes well.

Application and Uses


Coat, suits, shirts, jackets, etc.


Bedsheets, curtains, sofa covers, etc.

Care Instructions

  • Wash garments by hand, using a gentle detergent made for fine fabrics and hand washables.
  •  Alternatively, launder the fabric in cool water on your machine's gentle cycle.
  • Tumble dry voile on low heat.
  • Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Iron on low heat. 

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