Net Fabric

Net Fabric

What is Net fabric? 

  • Net is one of the most demanding fabrics in the fashion industry.
  • It is mostly used to create Indian attires as well as for creating sections in the cloth. 
  • The popularity of net fabric is due to the mystical aura that this fabric creates after it is worn. 


  • According to historians, the net fabric was introduced during the Mughal period in India. 
  • Traditional nets were designed by hand-knotting yarns with the intention to create geometric patterns on the fabric. 
  • The machine to make net fabrics was invented in 1809 by John Heathcoat.

Types of net fabric


It is an open-mesh fabric with coarse construction which is created by knotting the mesh similar to the knot of a fisherman.

Filet net 

The fabric is made of square mesh which is used in millinery. It is a fine and thin fabric and has an open diamond shape with holes similar to a hexagon. 


Tulle is a fine, hexagonal shape fabric made from silk yarns. It is lighter in weight and is mostly used for draping.


It is a thin and transparent fabric. Bobbinet is produced in England and France and is mostly used by people living in the US.

What Makes it Stand Out


One of the most significant qualities of net fabric is being transparent. Different types of net fabric have different transparency levels depending upon the material used and the method of knotting. 


The tiny holes in the netting make the fabric breathable. 



The knotting pattern varies depending upon the kind of net fabric. Some are intentionally visible and some have invisible knot patterns. 


Due to the knotting pattern, the fabric molds to the shape a designer wants. The amount of stiffness depends upon the size as well as the material of the knot. 

Application & Usage 


Suitssarees, shirts, etc.


Bags, scarves, headbands, hammocks, etc.


Mosquito net, curtains, bedsheets, tents, etc.

New Age Innovations

  • Apart from creating garments, the net fabric is also used to design different home-furnishing items like table cloths, cushion covers, etc. 
  • They are used by people around the world with distinct frequencies. 
  • Fashion designers and influencers have used this fabric to showcase various uses of it. 

Care Instructions 

  • Net fabrics can be easily washed with cold water. 
  • Lay them flat in their natural shape to dry. 
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