Moss Crepe Fabric

Moss Crepe Fabric

Moss Crepe Fabric - Fabriclore

What is Moss Crepe Fabric?

  • Moss Crepeis made in a plain or dobby weave with rayon yarns, that produce a moss-like effect.
  • It is made with Natural and also with synthetic fibers.
  • It has a crisp and crimped appearance.
  • This material drapes well and is one of the most comfortable to wear, it also keeps you warm in winter and cools in summer.
Moss Crepe Fabric


  • Name Moss comes from its 'twisted' surface and moss-like appearance.
Moss Crepe Fabric Online

What makes it stand out?

Easy to carry

This material does not crease very quickly, making it the perfect fabric to travel in.


It's capable of withstanding repeated wear without compromising its quality or appearance.

Application and Uses

  • They are used for making office wear, dressesskirts & suits, and lightweight jackets.
Moss Crepe Fabric

Care instructions

  • Dip the fabric in the gallon water and add detergent rub the fabric gently to work with detergent.
  • Remove and squeeze the fabric.
  • Air-dry the fabric.
  • Iron the fabric from the underside of the moss crepe fabric.
Moss Crepe Fabric
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