Gauze Cotton Fabric

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What is Gauze Cotton? 

  • Cotton gauze is a lightweight fabric made of cotton. It is made of  plain weave or by a leno weave.
  •  In technical terms "gauze" is a weave structure in which the weft yarns are arranged in pairs and are crossed before and after each warp yarn keeping the weft firmly in place .
  • It is open, airy weaved fabric , and is perfect  to wear during hot summers.
Gauze Cotton


  • During the initial times gauze fabric was made by using the silk fibers which were used for designing clothes. 
  • However, presently it is used for various other things rather than making clothes like sponges which are used for medical purposes. 
  • As silk is expensive in comparison to cotton, therefore people started using cotton for medical dressing and also other fabrics might get to the wounded area and can cause infection.
Gauze Cotton Fabric

What Makes it Stand Out


Due to the construction of the weaving pattern of the fabric it is very light in weight. 


The fabric gives a mesh effect and has a wrinkled texture which makes it stand-out from other fabrics. 


The gauze fabric does not have any shine, it is dull in nature. 

Application & Usage 


Dressesblouses, etc.


Mosquito netting, laundry bags, medical dressing, etc.


Curtains, bed sheets, etc.

Care Instructions

  • While washing the fabric for the first time add 2 teaspoons of vinegar in order to set the color and then machine wash each fabric separately.
  • Lay the fabric flat on a surface to dry.
  • Do not iron the gauze cotton fabric.
Gauze Cotton
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