Double Cloth Fabric

Double Cloth Fabric

Double Cloth Fabric - Fabriclore

What is Double Cloth? 

  • Double cloth fabric is manufactured by adding two or more numbers of warp and weft are interconnected to form 2 layered cloth. 

  • When 2 or more warp and weft are interlaced to form geometric patterns are also known as double cloth fabric. 

  • This fabric has 2 right faced fabric.Many fibers can be used to make Double Cloth, such as Wool, Silk, Cotton, Viscose and polyester, depending on the end fabric being produced.

Double Cloth


  • Double weaving is an ancient technique, and is almost as old and generally weaving. Surviving examples of Double Weaving have been found dating back as early as 700 AD.

  • William Morris, the Craftsman and designer was well known for using double cloth in his elaborate pieces of fabric.

  • These were usually made using silk and wool and heavily patterned. These were produced in the late 19th Century.

Double Cloth Fabric

What Makes it Stand Out


Double cloth fabrics are made from two different fabrics that are fused together to form a thick and substantial material.


The fabric does not have any right or wrong side, it can be worn from any side, that is why it is known as double cloth fabric.


The fabric is opaque in appearance.


The texture and sheen of the fabric depends upon the fibers it consists of. 

Application & Usage 


Shirts, coats, brocades, etc.


Ribbons, Linings, etc.


Bed sheets, Blankets, etc.

Care Instructions

  • Care for Double Cloth fabric is completely fabric specific . 
  • That means it depends on the fibers it comprises like cotton double muslin fabric can be hand washed with cold water and mild detergent.
  • Whereas,  double crepe fabric requires lukewarm water. 
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