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Paris Fashion Week : A La Mode

Lurk into the origin of Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week bedrock was put in the year 1700s. Back when it started, fashion shows had mannequins which made it a bit of a task for the viewers, as there was a lack of mobility. And the main motive at that time was to present this to just buyers. 

Later in the 1800s, a shift was there with the help of Charles Frederick Worth, who was the father of haute couture. He began showing numerous outfits in one go with modified designs. All these designs were made to have public attention and generate purchases. Additionally, the first female designer to make her collection public was Jeanne Paquin. 

First and foremost Paris Fashion Week

In 1973 Chambre Syndicate de la Haute Couture, the governing body for the French fashion industry established some set of rules for the show. For instance, it was mandatory to present a collection of at least 35 runs, different for day and night, and so on. It was held in the Palace of Versailles with a ready-to-wear collection and men’s fashion. Furthermore, the event gained publicity because of the big designers and was given the nickname The Battle of Versailles.  

Contemporary Fashion Week and its Designers

Presently, many progressive creative professionals and designers come together with their innovative designs to set trends for both the fashion industry and the future of couture. Although there were umpteen designers, a few impacted everyone’s heart. 

Olga Karaververi

This year Olga’s collection was inspired by the three circles depicting life, movement, and dynamism of tension. Its primary shades were white, gold, and black. Moreover, its outfits were made of organic silk, extended laces, and shiny fabrics. There was no doubt that each piece was a creation of art. 

Helena Kolan Bridal Couture 

Designer Helena Kolan presented her magnificent collection under the name Bloom. Its signature touch is in silhouettes and a wide range of lavish and romantic wedding gowns With every outfit, it seems like a new story is being told. 

Naciy Koçak

A french designer is known for her clean cuts, geometric lines, enchanting fabrics such as satin and organza, and sparkling gowns. She has presented a collection on the runway that managed to impress each viewer and especially with her distinctive white dresses. 

Gloria Kedoua  

New York-based designer Gloria Kodua showcased her latest Met Gala collection with her sensational gown collection. She described it as the symbol of glamor, the dresses were perfectly fitted with silhouettes bringing forth hidden feminism. Moreover, each piece of clothing was a beauty in itself with a touch of sequins. Its motto is to bring out the star whosoever wears it. 

Cross For God

Cross For God, is a Taiwanese designer who is creating magnificent iconic art. The collection is referred to women in the bible. This year the theme was ‘Women of confidence from the Kingdom of Heaven. Everyone was amazed by the rare fabrics art and the biblical element, also great hand-woven techniques were admired. 

Many other renowned and popping designers got a chance to present their collections. They have set higher expectations for the following year’s collection. 


What months are Paris Fashion Week? 

Paris Fashion Week is held in June as well as in October. The dates are subject to change according to circumstances.

How many times a year Paris Fashion Week is held?

Paris Fashion Week is held twice a year. Under the title spring-summer and winter-fall.

Is Paris Fashion Week bigger than New York Fashion Week?       

Although there is no such difference still, Paris Fashion Week somewhere or the other takes the lead among the top four fashion weeks.


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