Indian Brands That Are Promoting Sustainable Fashion

Indian Brands That Are Promoting Sustainable Fashion

How do my garments affect the environment, and are they made of sustainable fashion? In what way has it been handled? What kind of cloth and what kind of substance were used? These are the thoughts that the majority of us have been having anytime we are looking for new, contemporary clothing for our closets.

Among millennials, sustainable fashionis very popular. Everyone, from influencers to celebrities, is working to promotesustainable clothingand, as a result, persuade consumers to be environmentally responsible by purchasing garments that don't damage the environment. Fast fashion, which prioritizes efficiency and affordability, is especially harmful to the environment. These companies are bringing about the fashion industry's much-needed revolution. As a result of this,slow fashionhas become a new trend of fashion. 

B Label

B Label is a clothing brand owned by Bombay Hemp Company, an agricultural business that uses hemp as a lens to reimagine the future of Indian agriculture and sustainable living. Their simple, understated sustainable clothing is made of natural hemp fibers that are UV-resistant, mold- and mildew-resistant, and carbon-negative.

No Nasties

This is an organic sustainable fashionbrand that has a grand variety of vegan apparel. Their products are made of pure organic cotton as per the fair trade standards. Apart from organic clothing, this brand produces its entire collection in India only.No nasties not only provide sustainable clothing but their designs are also minimal and suitable for all body shapes. 


A blend of passion for wildlife photography and interest in textile design, this brand was founded by Shivangi Bajpai. MixMitti offers a grand range of utility accessories which includes a backpack, notebook and many more.  Further, they also contribute a part of profit towards wildlife and animal welfare. 


Kriti Tula's line features patchwork jackets, delicate shrugs, and edgy elegant shirts with sustainability clothingand creativity at its core. Doodlage is a highly intriguing sustainable fashion business since it collaborates with several fabric makers from all across India and utilizes their surplus parts to create something fresh and significant.


Based on organic and upcycling concepts, apparel brand InSom by Sajal Jain promises a 100 percent waste-free manufacturing process. Not only is it very fashionable and comfortable, but the business also upcycles discarded, damaged, and excess organic fabric from large-scale fabric production enterprises to create wearable works of art.

Mio Borsa

Mio Borsa, an Indian company based in New Delhi, was the first to make vegan leather and combine eco-friendly clothingwith practical accessory designs. Their stylish bags are ideal for your office attire wardrobe, and their eco-friendlyleatheris produced from plant Pu and pineapple stem extract, or "pinnatex."


A modern lifestyle company that produces lingerie, furniture, and travel goods. Their concept of simplicity in timeless items built to endure and influenced by natural design and materials is reflected in their stunning boutiques, which are inspired by the Indian Ocean and a laid-back island style. Their exclusive shop in Chennai, which is a wonderfully designed haven of tranquility that draws you straight into a world of lovely bamboo garments, organic cotton, and environmentally friendly home decor.


Upasna, another ethical clothing line that ensures that their apparel are eco friendly and produced by keeping environmental cost in consideration. Further, they provide a platform Upasna where fashion designers, social workers, students, environmentalists and  farmers can come along and resolve the issues of the modern world, particularly the environment. Under this platform they have taken care of projects likeTsunamika- which is providing livelihood to fisherwomen. They majorly work for organic cotton fabric. 

Brown Boy

The guys also need to be included, therefore here is a sustainable brand that is organic, fairtrade, and vegan in addition to being vegan. Prateek Kayan, the founder and CEO of Brown Boy, quit his job in New York, moved back to India, and started his own company with an aim to promote sustainability clothing. The business, which sellshand-printedt-shirts, vests, sweatshirts, and yoga trousers, has aquirkyand groovy vibe with a solid philosophy.

Earthy Route 

Apparel for both men's and women's are available from the ethical clothingline of Earthy Route. Lyocell andlinen, two of the most environmentally friendly materials on the market, are used in their creations of outfits. These materials are very breathable, making them ideal for the climate in India. Their styles are adaptable and classic and were drafted with the intention of having a good effect on both the fashion industry and the environment.

Chakori Ethnic 

Chakori Ethnic is working to bring to market the different designs and craft traditions of rural India. Chakori Ethnic’s apparel comes in different traditional prints like Kalamkari, Shibori, Hand blockDabuIndigo, and Phentiya prints. This brand works with rural artisans and craftsmen in their endeavor to create sustainably fashionable garments.


How do you start a sustainable clothing business?

To start a sustainable clothing line, firstly you should have a clear intention and an idea of a sustainable product. Do research and collect all the information and materials about the product. Further, you can create a design and draft of your product and then get the final product through that design. After that you can get your brand name and set up a clothing line.

How can fashion brands be more sustainable?

With recycling and upcycled materials, zero wastage policy, bio- based materials and supporting fair trade are some factors that could make a brand more sustainable and ethical. 

Why Is Slow Fashion Important?

Slow fashion assists us in conserving resources, reducing CO2 emissions, and reducing our overall environmental and climate change effect. Products made with slow fashion are made using premium materials and craftsmanship. Everyone engaged in the manufacturing process may now work in a secure environment while earning a living salary.


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