Elie Saab: The Fashion Couture House

Elie Saab: The Fashion Couture House

Elie Saab: The Fashion Couture House

Known for its most amazing work of art, Elie Saab curates each masterpiece with exquisite detailing by magical medleys of lace,sequin, feathers, crystals,silk, embroidery, and pearls. There is no wonder that brides and black-tie event guests swoon at his designs around the globe. 

The Creative Mind Behind It All

Following the legacy of sewing scraps of fabricin order to create dresses for his sisters in Damour, Lebanon, Elie Saab created his own label at the age of 18. The moment no longer happened after the beginning of the civil war in 1975. However, he insisted on initiating his career in his home country. 

In the beginning, he managed to appoint 15 people to his company. With such a workforce in the following months of the opening, he managed to launch his first collection.

Soon his designs became popular for their sleek silhouettes which were adorned by elegant embellishments. Evening gowns and wedding outfits became the materials for which we love Elie Saab’s designs!

Elie Saab became the first non-Italian fashion designer in 1997 to be a part of Italian Camera Nazionale Della Moda. It is a non-profit organization that promotes the development of industry within Italy where he presented his collection in Rome. 

Elie Saab's Ascent To Success

After making his first presentation outside of Lebanon, Elie went on to gain notoriety with the introduction of his ready-to-wear collection in Milan and the crowning of Queen Rania of Jordan in an Elie Saab design. In 2003, Elie became the first Arab to be invited to join the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture, the governing organization of French fashion houses. These advancements helped the label become a household name in the world of haute couture, as well as a perennial fan favorite.

There is a huge list of celebs who are spotted wearing gowns designed by Elie Saab on red carpets. In 2002, Halle Berry wore the most iconic sheer gown accentuated with floral embroidery and acrimson taffeta skirtto the 74th Academy awards.  

Many celebrities, like Taylor Swift, Meryl Streep, and Angelina Jolie, have become fans of Saab's work and often wear his designs to red carpet-events.

The company's fashion empire now spans five continents and more than 175 locations, including flagship stores in major cities like Paris,London, andNew York. As the firm gained recognition, it decided to move its headquarters fromBeirut to Paris in the early 2000s. As of right now, Elie splits his time between three countries: France, Lebanon, and Switzerland.

Experience Life Like Elie Saab

Because of its sophisticated and in-demand aesthetic, the Elie Saab brand expanded naturally into the residential sector. In 2019, Elie Saab Maison expanded its offerings to include haute couture, ready-to-wear, accessories, bridal, and fragrance in addition to its already existing collections.

In the same year, the company branched out into full-fledged interior couture in Dubai's Grand Bleu Tower, where it had previously just sold furniture in retail. The 20-tower house was designed by the crew in collaboration with Dubai real estate developer Emaar and architect Carlo Colombo to reflect the brand's ethereal and romantic world via the use of living, dining, bedroom, and lighting features. And so began Elie Saab's venture into the world of residential real estate.

Elie Saab Residences Hyde Park was developed alongside Gulf Islamic Investments to continue the company's growth in the realm of bespoke luxury housing. The upcoming fall 2022 opening of an Elie Saab-branded residential complex in London is just another exquisite example of the brand's timeless elegance. The success of the first Elie Saab-branded property in Meydan, Elie Saab Townhouses at Meydan, is a sure sign that the brand will continue to draw customers

Now And Into The Future

The art of Elie Saab fashion remains as potent as it was back in the day, and his influence can be seen everywhere from home decor to museums. During the Fall/Winter 2022/2023Paris Haute Couture Week, the firm debuted its very first men's couture line, substantially expanding its offerings. Men's and women's haute couture collections were influenced by the romantic feeling of a sunset. The collection's "ethereal colors, luxurious fabrics, and curved patterns symbolize the delicate moment between day and night when, for a brief while, the actual and imagined are one," as the label puts it.

This illustration captures the vibrant beauty of the collection well. The collection focused on mellow pinks and blues, dark blacks and reds, and lovely golds, and it was adorned with glittering gems, feathers, needlework, and beads to give it a dreamlike quality. Everything by Elie Saab is as inventive, mysterious, and beautiful as one would want!


What fabrics does Elie Saab use?

The designs of Eli Saab are known for their fusion of Arabic and Western influences. The designer often used a combination of luxurious fabrics like silk taffeta, silkorganza, and silksatin with fluid fabrics likemuslin and lace.

Is Elie Saab an Italian Fashion Designer?

No, Elie Saab is not an italian designer rather than he is a Lebanese designer 

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